Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Consumed With "MEAL PLANNING" For The Week - Maybe You Should Try Some "FREEZER MEALS"?

I am not inspired in the kitchen!  If I am told what people want or have been given a request, I am more than happy to make it...but coming up with a plan for the week and sticking to it...IS NOT A STRONG POINT for me!  In fact, I down right stink at it!

I love the idea of "FREEZER MEALS"!  I have yet to do this...but it's on my bucket list when I have a freezer big enough and empty enough to stock with a couple weeks worth of meals at one time!

I mean...how great is this?

Wouldn't it be nice to NOT have to "THINK ABOUT" what you're making for dinner?  You just walk over to the freezer, pull it out, pop it in the crock pot or oven and WALLAH! 

CLICK HERE to see a great selection of "FREEZER MEAL" ideas!

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