Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Do You Ever Wonder What Your Kids Think Or Know About YOU??

Raising kids can be an interesting and truly humbling experience at times!  I love my kids!  I wouldn't trade the four of them for "THE WORLD".  They are my heartbeats, my life, they keep me going and give me a reason to live each day to it's fullest, so they can too!

But have you ever wondered what they think of you (for real) or what they even know about you?

So I saw this on PINTEREST and though it would be interesting to interview "THE BABY" of the family (who got a little help from his sister) these questions to see if he knows his MOMMY:
Source: via Sue on Pinterest

WATCH this video to see his answers:
He cracks me up!  Not sure if it's just me...because I'm his mommy or if everyone can see the glisten in his eyes when he's excited to say something!  I love that!  That ZEST for life! 

Anyway, try it out on your kids and see what they say!  It's funny how they all find different answers for the very same questions!  Just shows that perspective can play in a lot, to how people (even your own kids) see you!


Cindi said...

I would love to ask my kids these questons but, might be afraid of their answers. (LoL)