Thursday, April 12, 2012

Doing The "POTTY SQUAT" or "MULTI-COVER" Approach...How Do You Deal With Public Restrooms With Your Kids?

Public restrooms and children...are always quite a mix!  When they are little, it's easy, because diaper changes involve less contact with things in the actual bathroom.  But when they get older and start using the potty...things get interesting!  TRUST ME!  I've potty trained four...two boys and two girls!

The boys are easy...because, unless they are doing a #2...they stand.  Using a piece of toilet paper, you can carefully lift the seat and allow them to get their business done.  Of course, then using our foot to FLUSH or enjoying the benefits of technology (with the automatic flush toilets)!

But little girls make it a little harder task!  I grew up with a mom who would squat (I hope she doesn't mind me divulging this info) in public restrooms.  I guess, when I was tall enough and old enough...I found myself following in her footsteps.  If I must use a public restroom, I will squat when I pee!  That's my mission!  My agenda!  My way of feeling clean when I leave the bathroom! 

But teaching my daughters, who are obviously not tall enough to squat over the toilet, is a different story.  Yes...I have stacked several potty covers on, before allowing my girls to sit. I have used a "WIPE" to wipe the seat down before I cover the seat, etc.  Do I think my girls, when they are older & taller, will squat to pee in public restrooms?  Absolutely!  In fact, my oldest daughter has already tried...but found herself not quite tall enough yet.

Do I want my kids to grow up with a complex about public restrooms?  Not really...however, teaching them clean approaches to using them is A-OK with me!  Not everyone teaches their kids CLEAN bathroom techniques...which results in "USED" toilet paper dropped on the ground inside the stalls, smears & tinkles on the seat and stall walls (you know what I'm talking about), etc.  GROSS ME OUT!  Not something I want my kids in any sort of contact with...if I can help it.

Now, I'm do you handle your children in public restrooms? 
Do you allow them to touch the toilet with their bare skin? 
Do you heavily cover or use the squatting approach? 
If you're so bold...DO SHARE WITH ME! 
I know I can't be alone in my tactic...


Maureen said...

Interesting subject, oneboredmommy!
I'm a squater.