Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Don't IGNORE Infertility...PLEASE!

This is National Infertility Awareness Week® - April 22 to 28! 
Did you know that??
Did you know that INFERTILITY effects 7.3 million Americans!

Please...do me a favor and stop, take a second out of your busy week, and say a pray for them! 
Will you join me? 

This issue didn't effect my husband & I, but it did personally effect someone almost as close...MY ONLY SISTER and her husband.  Praise the LORD that through the help of amazing doctors and an even more AMAZING LORD, I have a nephew that will be turning 2 in June.  7 years of waiting, praying and hoping came to fruition!  PRAISE THE LORD! 
He's our MIRACLE baby!

May the LORD put His hand on each and every couple trying to have a baby!  May He offer them peace in their waiting and understanding in every outcome! 

I pray that we can be up lifters to those who struggle!  Encouraging each other through prayer and support.  Even if that just means we lend a listening ear or shoulder for them to cry on!  This is something that, unless you're going through it (or have gone through it), you do not understand the emotional road it can lead you down.


Maureen said...

Amen to all your comments. Unless you are closely affected you have "no idea" the stress etc. involved with such a process. We Praise the Lord for it! It is truly a Miracle!