Thursday, April 26, 2012

In Your Life - Did You Ever "REBEL"?

For some reason, the idea of a REBEL is stuck in my mind right now!  Maybe it's because I have four kids I am raising, in hopes that they don't rebel against my teachings!  Maybe it's because I've been at the crossroads a few times and the thought of rebelling is always appealing, right?

My question for you:

Have you ever REBELLED?

Do you know what caused the Rebellion?
What did you Rebel against?
Did you regret your decisions?
Did you find a deeper part of yourself that you didn't know existed through your rebellion?
Did you stay in rebellion, or finding yourself longing for that "PAST" person you were?

I am praying for my kids...right now!  Life is hard!  Decisions are momentary, but leave lasting impressions & even scars on our life!  Wisdom always comes with age, learning, recovering from past hurts and mistakes, etc.  But truly...I wish I could hold their hand, whisper in their ear and guide them along every turn. 

No...I don't think I have every answer!  In fact, we'd probably do some learning together!  But I'd feel better offering my protection!  In reality though, I know that there will be a time when I will have to let go and let GOD do the rest!  It terrifies me, especially when I see what is going on around me, but I guess that's where FAITH (true FAITH) comes in...that GOD knows a praying mom's heart and will protect the ones she is praying for!  I know my GOD will cover them, even if that means they get a few scrapes and bruises along the way! 

Just curious if any other parents have thought about this? 
How do you handle yourself when you find your children rebelling? 


Carissa said...

I have no idea what your talking about.. I was a complete little angel growing up!!!!!!! LOL...