Monday, April 16, 2012

It Worked! The Best 2 Weeks Of Sleep I've Had...In A Really, Really Long Time!

Do you remember how I posted a couple weeks ago, that I was trying an "INCENTIVE PROGRAM" with my get them to stay in their own beds?  It had gotten to the point where mommy couldn't even remember the last time she had a full night's sleep!  And we don't even have a newborn baby!  Typically, after the kids climbed into our bed at night, I would be forced to relocate, because I would physically be PUSHED out of bed!  That makes for ONE TIRED MOMMY!
But two weeks later (and with only two little slip ups...from both my babies), our SLEEP CHART is full and it's time for the kids to reap their rewards...which includes a trip to TARGET today, so they can spend their INCENTIVE!!

I've got to tell you, this was the best spent $$ ever, considering I've had almost two full weeks of "ALL NIGHT LONG" sleep!  Praise the Lord!

Just thought I'd case any of you were wondering how it was going or might want to try something like this yourself with your kids! just keep them continuing on...but with a two week jumpstart, I think it will be pretty natural for them to just stay in their beds now! 
At least I hope that's the case!  We'll see...


Maureen said...

Good job guys. We are proud of you all! Have fun shopping. Can't wait to see what ya's buy.

Maricris @ SittingAround said...

I want to try the "incentive program" too. I hope this also works for us.