Monday, April 2, 2012

MOTHERHOOD - It's Not A Hobby!

I saw this on Pinterest and it spoke to me:

I have to say...I agree with it completely! 

Not every women is "CALLED" to be a mommy!  Not every woman has the longing, the passion or even the patience for being a MOM!  It's not an easy job!  It demands a your everything for that tiny little person.  Not just when they are tiny, but as they grow!  It's exhausting...traumatizing...emotionally draining...and 100% awesome
I wouldn't trade my job in for the world!

If you had asked high school...what I wanted to be when I had a career, my answer would have been, " A Mommy!"  I was in a hurry to grow up, find Mr. Right and settle down to get started...because it seems I was ready for the task of this "CALLING" at a young age.  Thankfully, God kept HIS hand of protection over me (through two broken engagements) make sure I found the right person to marry...who fathered four of the most beautiful children I have ever laid eyes on. 

I am beyond blessed...but I don't take my job lightly either!  I have a "CALLING" in other areas too...area's that I am passionate about (JESUS is a big one)..and just like those callings, "MOTHERHOOD" is something that I focus my time and energy on.  I know...when people hear I have four kids, they probably think, "Poor kids...I bet they don't feel as loved as a family that has only two!"  "How can that mom possibly give each child enough personal attention?"  

Honestly, if you pulled my kids aside...with me out of the room...I am 100% confident that they will tell you they feel like the MOST important people in my life!  A TOP Priority!  I drop things I am doing to teach them, serve them and love them.  I honestly think that being a mommy has caused my SELFISH ways to almost completely dissolve...because they have attained my true, devoted attention! 

I hope, when I am old and kids look back on their mommy and sing praises about the job I did!  I pray that maybe my girls will be just as excited as I was about being a mommy!  That my boys will be hopeful to marry someone that will being the type of mom I was to them! 

Am I perfect?  No way?  Are my kids flawless?  Positively not!  But there's LOVE oozing from every corner of our house!  Love and devotion!  And I take my job as a MOMMY very seriously! 

It is my CALLING!  It always has been! 


Maricris @ SittingAround said...

So agree!! For me, being a mother is the most difficult, yet the most rewarding job in the world! It's definitely not a hobby, because you can't just say, "Oh! I don't wanna be a mom anymore". It's a lifetime commitment. You see, I'm in my thirties now and already a mom, but I still asks for my mom's help sometime.