Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Oh...The Places Your Nose Can Take You!

It's amazing!  The sense of SMELL is such a powerful tool!  It can take you momentary to a single moment in time, or a season...just from one single smell!  I LOVE THAT!!

Today, as I was spraying the kids down with sunscreen, so we could spend outside on this beautiful day, I realized that smelling sunscreen makes me happy!  It also makes me think of Spring/Summertime and that makes me happy too!

Here's a few more things that's scent can take me somewhere else...
To Thanksgiving time...a freshly baked PUMPKIN PIE!
To Christmas...a freshly cut Christmas tree!
To my Great Grandparents house!  I will never forget the scent of their home.  They always had Brach's candies in a dish, just waiting for my sister & I to come raid.  But that smell...it will last forever in my memory!  And I will smile if I ever get a hint of it, and will instantly be transformed into a little girl, running eagerly down to their mobile home...to have breakfast and spend time with them!

What scents make you leave your current place in time and redirect you to a distant memory or season?  I'd love to hear your thoughts...and what sparks your NOSE to cause your brain to flash somewhere else for a few moments!  Maybe it's someones perfume?  Maybe it's something baking in the oven?  PLEASE SHARE with me!