Friday, April 20, 2012


I am a mommy that carries my camera with me everywhere we go, almost!  It's very rare that I will leave the house without it if there is a chance, even a slim chance, that a picture moment might take place!

But this I was getting ready to take my four kids to the zoo (literally the zoo), I decided that today I was going to leave my camera on the counter at home, and instead...give my kids my undivided attention while we saw, did and explored the ZOO! 
I did take a picture, for proof that we you can see.  We met my girlfriend Stacy and her two girls and we had a thoroughly enjoyable time.  The animals were out, the sun was too, and we walked, talked, looked and ENJOYED the entire time!

SO THANKFUL that I left my camera on the counter!  I might be doing that more often!  I know my kids are never neglected when I do take it along, but I think they appreciated me not snapping a picture every few minutes, trying to get the perfect shot of each animal, etc.  I stored the memories from today in my brain...instead of on the camera disk or computer.

It felt good!