Monday, April 16, 2012

Product Review Blogging Can Be EXPENSIVE...FOR THE MOM's Who Do It!

Huh?  Are you shrugging your shoulders?  Why would I say that blogging is expensive for me...the mommy who is blogging about all the amazing "FREE" stuff we get to review/feature? 

Well...let me give you a little bit of honest insight:
I have four kids!  FOUR!  And sometimes, when products that are new, cutting edge or heavily commercialized, arrive at our house (only 1 sample), figuring out who gets to help me with the review/feature and who gets to keep the product for THEIR OWN can get rather INTERESTING!

Fits have been thrown!

Lots of dramatic tears have been shed!

Coin tosses have been made to settle the dispute & fairly decide who gets it!

I've even been know to BUY 3 more of that product (ah ha...the expensive part)...just to make things FAIR!

You get the idea! 
It can be expensive financially and especially EMOTIONALLY!

We had a moment like that today...when a product arrived that both of my girls were super excited about it!  The company graciously sent one product for review/feature...which left my girls in total and complete uproar over who would be the one to OWN it?  Of course, I got great participation with the pictures and the help with the review & testing out the product...but when it came time to actually letting one take it to their room...ALL HECK BROKE LOOSE!  I'm not exaggerating either!

It's times like that...that I reconsider why I do this!  I mean...there is no reason, under the sun, that my kids should be acting like this!  Of all the hundreds of amazing products we've received because of this kids are obviously far from neglected!  In fact, they are extremely SPOILED!  Moments like that make me think maybe I should just stop all together! 

But then I realize that this can also be a good life lesson.  Not everyone gets everything they want all the LIVE LONG LIFE!  Sometimes we get disappointed!  Sometimes we can be downright upset!  But when it all boils down to's JUST A THING!  Right? 

So...there you go!  I guess I just had to vent.  Because I know that some people see MOMMY BLOGS and think that it's always peaches & cream...because we are getting such amazing products all the time.  Of course, the products are fabulous...which is what causes a huge uproar in my home...when there are only samples sent for (1).  I can either use those moments as teaching moments, get online and order three more, or lock myself in a closet and let them fight it out.  Ha! 

Can you guess which option I choose the most? 
Life Lessons are hard to go through, but always good to learn!