Wednesday, April 11, 2012

"Shame On Jane" Jewelry - Gift's Every Mother Will Appreciate...And A GREAT "Mother's Day" CONTEST TO ENTER TOO!

I'll admit it!  I am a sucker for a nice piece of jewelry!  Especially if it is meaningful in some way!  Some mom's love personalized gifts, some mom's love expensive gifts and other mommies would truly just enjoy something that is HEARTFELT (regardless of price)! 
Which category do you fall into?
When I had the opportunity to check out Shame On Jane...I'll admit that it wasn't two seconds, before I had found something that I would love to be wearing on my finger! 
In fact...I immediately responded back about it...because it was so perfect for me! 
This sterling silver ring arrived that says, "Smile for the Camera" from their RemindeRings Collection!  Ha!  If you know me at know that I've ever got a camera pointed at my kids faces, a product or have a camera pointed at me.  All the while, I always catch myself saying, "smile for the camera"!   How perfect is that?  Not only that...but the ring is simple (just like me) and goes perfectly with the two other plain bands I wear on my right hand fourth finger. 
I've got it on there and that's where it will STAY!! 

I can pretty much guarantee that most mommies would find something in their product line that would "SPEAK" to them as well!    CLICK HERE and then go ahead and nod your head as you agree with me!
The best news for that they are always expanding and changing!  Because of that, they have an amazing "MOTHER'S DAY CONTEST" going on right now (that I actually get to be a judge for too). 
CLICK on the picture above and go enter to win some amazing prizes!! 
The contest officially begins Thursday, April 5th and will run through May 11th and the winner will be announced on Mother’s Day.

Make sure to leave me a comment, if you enter, with what your ENTRY was...cause like I said, "I'll be judging too!"  Perhaps you'll find yourself a winner!  You never know!  But you can't win if you don't enter!
I was not paid to feature this post!  I was compensated only by the product sent for review/feature!


Maureen said...

I entered.

Anonymous said...

A little too busy for me.

Loretta Reeves said...

I am thinking of giving my mom a sterling silver rings
as a gift for mother's day as well. Your designs make my hand freeze and my eyes focused on the monitor, hoping to find information on how i can avail this. Must not take this for granted.

Send gifts to pakistan said...

Gifts makes a place in other heart expressed your feelings by sending gifts.

Jeffry said...

I adore that silver ring with the ‘Smile for the camera’ caption carved all over it. I’m sure every mother is going to love to receive this chic yet elegant ring, especially if a loved one fought hard to give it to them as a present. Hmm. I wonder who these lucky mothers are.

Jeffry Pullam