Wednesday, April 25, 2012

They Have A Shirt To SUIT Everyone's "ISTA"! So...@WhatsYourIsta ?

Have you ever thought to yourself, "Man, I wish I had a shirt to express my inner ISTA"? 
Or better yet..."What the heck is an ISTA"? 
It's actually a suffix meaning "mission" or "passion"!

Maybe you have...maybe you think I'm crazy by asking...but in our world, where classifying yourself into a category is not only typical, but typically've just got to love a company that embraces that and makes t-shirts to suit every category!
"What's Your Ista" offers a full line of t-shirts that are silly, serious and will cause you to make a STATEMENT with your shirt! Plus, they will allow you to share your "mission" or "passion" on a great quality t-shirt! 
Perhaps there is something you're passionate about?  I received the "Fluer del ista" tee and I love it!  I've got a thing for Fleur De Lis...I love them!  Anything "FRENCH" (even though I'm not), I love...especially decoration-wise for my home!  So I thought this shirt was totally suitable for me!  Of course, there were about a million other ones I could relate with, thought, "that's me too!", etc. while looking through their site!  SERIOUSLY...if they don't have you pegged on a shirt, you can make your own "ISTA" tee.
Now, I just want to know,
"What's your ISTA"?

They are evening offering MY Readers a 10% discount code when you use the code "BORED" when you check out!  AWESOME!!

CLICK HERE to find yours and I'd love for you to comment here if you find one or think up one you think is perfect for you!

I was not paid to feature this post!  I was compensated only by the product sent for review/feature!