Wednesday, April 18, 2012

This Is What I Call CHOREOGRAPHED CHAOS! Love My Kids!

My girls were upstairs, working hard on a choreographed dance to one of their favorite "KIDZ BOP ULTIMATE HITS CD" songs.

So, I was called up to view this adorable performance:
LOVE IT!!  Little things like this can always bring a smile to this mommy's face!  I LOVE MY KIDS!

P.S.  The little guy was told to "STAY OFF THE STAGE" before I got up there and couldn't resist being a part of the show!  HILARIOUS!


Auntie Tiff said...

Love It! That totally brought a smile to this auntie's face! And it totally brought back memories of doing choreographed routines with my sissy-pooh!

Maureen said...

Oh the memories! Love it!

Jackie said...

This is great! My daughters (now 17 and 21) use to play dress up and put on shows for us all the time...I loved it! Keep recording them because they'll enjoy watching themselves when they get older. My daughters watch the videos every now and then, and we all laugh together.