Friday, April 13, 2012

This Weekend Starts Our "OFFICIAL" SPRING BREAK! Heaven Help Me...

It's here...SPRING BREAK 2012!

For college students, SPRING BREAK means a trip to a tropical place, chaotic playful memories being made with friends...and to be honest, typically lots and lots of rowdy & heavy drinking!
For a mommy with four kids at home and NOTHING means that I desperately need to get some activities planned, so that by the end of the week...the KIDS still love their mommy & I still have some hair left in my head!  We are not doing our typical 12 hour drive to SPRING BREAK in OHIO, because they are not off the same week for Spring Break...and we just saw some of the family over Easter.  Plus honestly...12 hours is a really long drive for a mommy to take four kids across a few states alone! 

Which means we are left with "STAYCATION" options...preferably ones that do not cost much!!

Anyone have any suggestions?  I am praying that the weather is decent and we can spend some "MUCH NEEDED" time in the "GREAT OUTDOORS".  But since we live in Connecticut, and weather around the globe is totally crazy right now...I am not sure how good that is looking! 

What do you do with your kids when you're stuck at home, for an entire week, with nothing planned?  Ideally things that will encourage brain development and positive growth in my kids...and also keep things pretty calm, so mommy has some sanity left at the end of SPRING BREAK!

I'd love to hear your thoughts and ideas...CHEAP, SIMPLE, FUN and SANITY SAVING things,  that we can do over the course of the next week!

Thanks guys!  XOXO


Tiffany said...

Awww, Sissy-pooh I wish that I could go there or you could come here. I will try to think of some ideas for you. If you have any old Family Fun magazines lying around now would be a good time to open them up and look for ideas.
Off the top of my head...
you could do a drive in movie...have them decorate cardboard box cars and sit in them to watch a movie outside. Or a dive in movie...let them watch a movie while playing in their puddle pool (Jaws, maybe) Ha! Buy pita bread and let them make their own mini pizzas. You could attempt to make giant bubbles...they always fascinated us as kids. Got extra garage sale dot stickers...let them play Dot Tag...kind of like paintball but less messy and less painful.... I will keep thinking....Scour Pinterest for ideas! I know you will figure something out. Maybe a bouncehouse company could ship you an emergency care package....a bounce house or water slide would be sure to entertain least for a few hours. ;) Good Luck! Love You!