Friday, April 27, 2012

Yes...This Pretty Much Sums It Up!

Have you told your mom how much you appreciate her lately?  Have you shared with her the fact that, you know she gave more of herself to take care of you, than she ever spent on herself?

I saw this definition today and I had to giggle:
In fact, my kids thought it was great too...because they know it's the truth!  Okay, maybe it's not totally "FOR FREE" and I know I wouldn't classify myself as "A SAINT", but being a MOMMY is probably the most challenging job I could ever imagine or think up!

Honestly, doesn't matter if you have one kid or 20, a mommy is an amazing piece of work.  The way GOD created us to be able to juggle all the tasks and still keep ourselves somewhat put together is AMAZING!  Those who work outside the home & those who spend their time in the home...give 100% of themselves for their family!

So, maybe you could call your mom today and just tell her THANKS! 
I know it will make her feel great (you might not see it, but I guarantee it will bring a smile to her face)! 
Don't wait for Mother's Day! 
Tell her you love her and respect her today for all she has done for you!