Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Do You Seriously Think GOD Can't Use You?

I saw this on Pinterest today...and had to blog about it:

In case you woke up this morning, thinking, "What's the point?"...I have news for you!  If you woke up and are still breathing, you have a purpose for today!  We should be using every second, of everyday to make the best of it too!

It's amazing to think of the people GOD USED to serve such a greater calling that just "BEING".  Everyday people just like us!  Struggling in every issue life can throw at them!  Yet, GOD not only came along side them, but pulled them up NEXT TO HIM and held their hand as they walked!  Such an amazing encouragement!

So remember...if you woke up today...GOD IS GOING TO USE YOU! 
Whether you believe in HIM or not, you should be giving thanks!