Tuesday, May 8, 2012

The Easiest, Sweetest, And Most Delicious Dessert...YOUR KIDS WILL LOVE!

As a kid...one of the highlights of our trips to Long Beach...to visit my cousin Alpha, was walking the boardwalk to the Rocky Mountain Chocolate store to get a Carmel or Chocolate apple. 
There was nothing sweeter, nor nothing that could satisfy us as much...as one of those Granny Smith Apples covered in the topping our choice, for the long walk back to her condo!  It was always an awesome TREAT!  We (my parents included) all loved them!
So, tonight I got inspired.  I had a half of a bag of chocolate chips in the fridge and several apples on the counter...and yes, I decided it was OK to let them have a little sweeter than normal dessert tonight.
(look at their faces...hee hee!)
Of course, they did get their "APPLE" a day in too!  THEY LOVED IT!  Honestly, I did too! 
Could you get any easier than cutting up apples, melting some chocolate chips, dripping the hot chocolate all over them and letting your kids have at it.  Yes, they needed baths after their dessert tonight...BUT WHO CARES!  There was not a single apple left when they were FINISHED! 

LOVE IT!  Sometimes being an "INSPIRED" mommy is so much fun!


Maureen said...

How funny. We have one of those stores here and I was carving an apple like this, so had to get one today. Dad & I will share tonight as our snack. Love it!