Friday, May 25, 2012

FABULOUS FASHIONABLE FRIDAY - Where And When Would You Wear This? I Need Your Help!

My beautiful, feisty, outgoing 6 year old loves FASHION!  She's the girl that, when asked to go upstairs and get her PJ's on, comes down in a pettiskirt and sparkly top! 
(she posed herself this way assistance required)
Because she's such a little fashionista..she loves to pick out clothes for her mommy for my birthday, Christmas, etc.

I love that my kids "PICK OUT" their choice of items...but it gets hard when they pick out something they like, that I don't!
I received a shirt (see above) that I have yet to wear and she just questioned me about it yesterday!  She wanted me to try it on!  She wanted to see me dance around in it!  She wants to see me wear it out of the house!  It's not my style, nor something I would ever have chosen myself.  It doesn't look horrible on, but it's a bit RACIER than tops I would typically choose...because it shows a lot more skin than something I would typically wear anywhere!

So my questions for you guys are...
Where & When would you wear this?  
Would you wear this?
Am I just being silly?

I don't want to hurt my sweetie's feelings...but I also don't want to wear something that is INAPPROPRIATE for a mommy of four to be wearing.  I thought maybe this could be a "LADIES NIGHT OUT" blouse, but how often do those happen and I am not sure I would feel comfortable wearing it out then either.

PLEASE...share your opinions with me!  I need your moral support!


Anonymous said...

Definately dinner out with your hubby or the girls. I would even say over your bathingsuit to and from the beach or running errands on some hot summer days ! Dont be shy you look great.

Anonymous said...

What would you tell your mom?

amweeks said...

I think definitely when you're out with your daughter. It may be a little 'out there' in terms of what you normally wear, but it certainly doesn't look risque' or socially inappropriate. And you might even drop a little "my daughter gave me this beautiful top as a gift'! I think it's great that your daughter doesn't see you as some old fuddy-duddy, but as a vibrant fashionplate like she sees herself!