Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Getting The Kids To Go To Sleep Quickly? The Magic Is In The DRYER!!

Typically by the time BEDTIME has arrived at our house, MOMMY is more than ready for the kids to quiet down, snuggle in and quickly (very quickly) fall asleep.  Our kids are notorious for asking tons of questions, chatting with each other and trying to stay away as long as they possibly can! 

THIS CAN BE EXTREMELY FRUSTRATING for this tired mommy...when all I want is a little peace and quiet.

So, I've learned a little trick that seems to work well for everyone.  I save a load of laundry to be dried right around bedtime!  The dryer just happens to be right up close to their bedrooms!  I try to start it, as soon as they get tucked in bed...and I'll even go up and extend if it seems to be taking them extra time to fall asleep.  I've been amazed seems to work really, really well.  Plus, I am still be productive...even at night time!  It also buffers out the noise from the TV or whatever is going on downstairs (our house is set up for all noise to flow throughout with no way of concealing it)...which is AWESOME! 

So, not sure if your dryer is anywhere near your kids rooms...but if it is and they are like my kids, when it comes to bedtime...I would suggest you try this!  From one desperate mom to what could be...MANY MORE, every little tip can help! 

May a quicker, quieter and more peaceful sleep fall upon your house...