Sunday, May 20, 2012

Morning Sickness And PUKING - Where's The Worst Or Most EMBARRASSING Place You've Ever LOST IT?

When I was pregnant with all four of my babies...I always had MORNING SICKNESS!  With the boys, it was typically "IN THE MORNING" and the girls it was "ALL DAY LONG".

Did you experience any morning sickness with your pregnancies?

The worst thing about it was my heightened senses (especially my ability to smell things clearer and more defined than ever before), always made me gag!  I am sensitive to gagging anyway, but being pregnant made it even worse!  Once I start gagging...I end up throwing up!

One night, when my parents were visiting us in Columbus, OHIO (I was pregnant with our oldest daughter), we had dinner at Uno's Pizzeria.  I did fine all during the meal, but as soon as we walked outside...the smells from the complex (which included several other restaurants) grabbed me and I LOST IT!  LITERALLY...I lost whole dinner in the flower bed, right outside the restaurant windows.  I am sure that I probably made some patrons in the restaurant sick too!  I am sure this was not the DINNER entertainment anyone was hoping to see!

I was so embarrassed!!  MORTIFIED!!

My parents, to this day, still laugh and bring it up from time to time, when we are out to dinner!  Of course, my kids think it's UBER funny too!  I guess, in a way, it's quite comical...NOW!  

So I am you have a funny "MORNING SICKNESS" story to share with us?  
A time when you "LOST IT" in an unusual or embarrassing place?  
FEEL FREE to leave your comment below!


Lauren said...

OH DEAR! I was very lucky to have only thrown up once and it was in the drive-thru teller lane at the bank while dropping off the deposit for the store I was managing. The teller didn't even say a word about it and I just drove off after I was done. I'm sure the person in the car behind me was the most grossed out but whatever, it happens!

Nikki said...

Oh yes, when I was pregnant with my first, I went out to lunch with my co- workers/friends. As we were driving back from lunch, we all started laughing about something and I said "I need to stop or I'll throw up" and before the sentence was even done, I threw up all over the back of the car. It was so embarrassing!! Funny today, but not so much then :b