Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Much To My Kid's Dismay...

Their mommy didn't go to college!

Lots of people might actually be embarrassed to admit that simple fact, but this MOMMY is proud of herself, regardless!  It seems that in today's society, we assume that you either GO TO COLLEGE or you don't amount to much!  I think that's sad!

Instead of taking her little HONOR ROLL self (I was a really good student in high school) to a Jr. College in her hometown and then onward to a university, she went to WORK!!  In fact, she went to work her entire SENIOR year of high school FULL TIME.  I worked 3-11:30 every night at the hospital, as a file clerk in the x-ray department.  It's funny, because the kids and I were looking through my Senior Yearbook last night and I wasn't in any extra curricular activities, because instead, I was working to pay for my car, my insurance & my gas. I did miss out on a lot of fun my Senior Year, but I still have amazing memories too, so I think the trade off was worth it!  I learned some great "WORK ETHIC" that year!

After high school, I went to work at a Cancer Center as the front desk receptionist.  I want to believe, that through that job, I got to make an impact on each and every person who walked in or out of that place.  It was probably the most EMOTIONALLY difficult job I have ever had (aside from simply being a parent)!  I met people who won the struggle with cancer!  I met people who lost the struggle too!  I met spouses who were trying to hold it together for their "other half" and other's who simply couldn't!  TALK ABOUT learning a lot about life in a little amount of time.

After that job, I worked as an ADMIN to a PR department for one of the largest health insurance companies in  Southern California.  This was not only a lot more relaxed job, but I loved the girls I worked with.  We had FUN at our jobs!  It was a delight to go to work with them everyday!  There were three of us in the department and we became a little family.  I took a short stay in the Pharmacy Department as an admin...for a little more money for about 6 months and then moved to SAN DIEGO to feel my wild oats!

In San Diego, I found myself attempting to find temporary work, until I could land a full time job.  Thankfully, I had a little bit of BUILT UP savings to live off of, until I did.  My parents did not help support me financially AT ALL!  Lucky for me, the staffing service I went to, loved me for more than just temporary work! They hired me to work FOR THEM on staff.  At the end of my employment with them, I was basically running their Sorrento Valley Staffing Office by myself.  Finding people jobs they loved, helping companies find the right employees and making some great bonuses really WORKED FOR ME!

After finding out I was pregnant, I relocated back to my hometown, to a staffing office there...until I had my first baby.  After my maternity leave, I ended up quitting that job, to protect myself and my baby from harm (I was literally asked to put my safety at risk to keep that job) and started working as a receptionist/admin for a TRASH SERVICE.  Yes...I am serious!  I had a blast working there until my fiance came home from the war, we got married and I became an official STAY AT HOME MOMMY!

Now...phew, I obviously had lots of LIFE EXPERIENCE through all my work experience.  And I'll admit that there is a small part of me that wishes (and sometimes envies others who had the chance) I  had the chance to be a carefree college student!  Living in a dorm room, going to some fun college activities, etc.  But that was just not "in the cards" for my life!  God simply had other plans for me!

Do I think my kids will be embarrassed when they are older, about the fact that their mommy doesn't have a formal college education?  NOT AT ALL!  At least I hope not!  I have accomplished a lot in my lifetime so far, and though I am not a doctor or lawyer...I feel that I am making a far greater impact by JUST BEING MOMMY!

So there you're reading a blog of a high school graduate mommy, who has worked her behind off since her SENIOR year in high school, so she could become a self sufficient and independent woman.  I am grateful for the work experience I have had and think that it helps me everyday in not only my MOMMY career, but also in my blogging world too!