Wednesday, May 9, 2012

THE ORIGINAL FAST FOOD!! Much Healthier Than Today's VERSION!

If you think about "FAST FOOD" and how seriously bad it is for our bodies...why then, do we subject ourselves and especially our children to it?

I mean, I will admit, this last weekend I was able to BINGE on things I don't typically eat everyday!  A 670 Calorie Double Double Hamburger from In N Out and a plate of Fish Tacos from Rubio's that almost tilted the calorie scale at 1000.  YIKES!!

How come we don't just eat more of the FRESH STUFF?  The original FAST FOOD!   Fruits & veggies...are just as quick, simple to serve and easy to eat as the processed stuff we feed our families!  Take that from someone who would rather not spend her time in the kitchen!  I have learned that not only is it better for everyone, but it can truly be just as simple!  With all the FOOD NETWORK shows & online recipes and tutorials, you almost "CAN'T" mess things up anymore!

Is it out of convenience, because we don't have to wash, cut up and serve our kids...we can just drive through a drive thru and pass it out?  I mean, cutting up an apple takes less than 30 seconds and is so much sweeter and healthier than anything you can get at a drive thru.  Plus, the benefits of eating the apple "FAR" outweigh the risks of eating the "FAST FOOD"!

Let me challenge you to think about it when you drive through the next "DRIVE THRU".  Could you be serving your kids something that would benefit their bodies and brains better?  Give them an upper hand with sports, with their schooling, or even with their lives? 

THINK ABOUT IT!  Their future is depending on the decisions you make for them now!