Monday, May 14, 2012

PetSmart Toys R Us™ Dog Toy Line - Where Your Puppy Can Be A Puppy! Part #1

Even though Jade is already 1...she will always be a big "PUPPY" at heart!  I know some dogs just are like that!  She loves to chew & play with toys!  Yes, sometimes that even includes my kids!
But she especially loves getting new "dog" toys...made just for her, to have fun with!
So when a package arrived with the latest Petsmart toys, from their ToysRUs Line...she was more than thrilled to help us check them out!  In fact, she was delighted and excited!!

This week, we will be highlighting 5 of their fun toys!!
To begin, we have the Toys R Us™ Pets Treat Toy, which she still can't get enough of!  This durable rubber dog toy not only makes chewing a fun time, but also gives your dog a fun way to earn their treat!  You can easily put dog treats in the middle of this textured , fun shaped toy!  Plus it bounces crazily and sporadically, which she just LOVES!

As you can see...JADE loved this!  It took her awhile to get the biscuit out of the middle, but what I found was...she didn't destroy the toy in the process, which is phenomenal.  She is labeled in our house as a DESTROYER of any type of toy!  Typically, she chews things apart within minutes of having it.
Days's still in one piece and she's still working at getting new biscuits out of the middle of it!  

CLICK HERE to see their entire ToysRUs line from Petsmart and get shopping for your "young at heart" dog.  
There is something for every size and temperament of dog.

I was not paid to feature this post!  I was compensated only by the product sent for review/feature!