Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Protect Your New Baby's SkinFrom Germs And Harmful Chemicals With "BABILAYERS"

Bringing home a newborn is a nerve racking feeling!  So many things could concern or worry the new parents with this new little life.  For me, one of the most exciting moments is being able to share your new baby with your friends and family...but thinking of all those germs being exposed to your child is scary!  That precious little life is extremely fragile and susceptible to all kinds of stuff, the minute they come out of the womb.

I was excited to learn about BabiLayers...because they have taken all of this into consideration when creating their product...just for those worried and concerned new parents.

This amazing 100% organic cotton cape like "LAYER", protects your baby from the harmful chemicals and germs that can be on your clothing when you hold, cuddle and snuggle them.  It can also protect your clothes from spit up, blow outs (cause the do happen), drool, and even "BOTTLE" leaks & drips.

After having four new babies in the house and never owning a protective product like this one...I can understand the concern and need...though somehow, my kids were fine, despite their exposure to the clothing from me, my husband, my kids & guests who came to visit us in the first few weeks of the baby being born.  However, I can understand why new parents, especially first time parents, would definitely go OUT OF THEIR WAY to keep their precious bundle of joy safe from any time of harm or exposure to germs and chemicals.

Is it a must?  NO!  But will it offer some relief to some of the anxiety of bringing home a new baby?  ABSOLUTELY!  I can see why this product has become a favorite for baby shower gifting.

CLICK HERE to learn more about BabiLayers and their entire line of amazing 100% organic products!

I was not paid to feature this post!  I was compensated only by the product sent for review/feature!