Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Today Confirmed It...I'm Loosing It!

Okay guys, I dealt with either an extremely early case of Alzheimer's Disease or Pregnancy Brain today.  Regardless what caused made me realize, "I'm Officially Loosing It!" that I have your attention, I can tell you what happened:
Jade (our dog) was outside on her tether, when I called my sister to chit chat & catch up!  A little side note: when I talk on the phone, I always multitask.  Typically, I do dishes, organize the counters, and in this went out and brought the dog in and put her in her crate.  However, for some reason, the fact that I did this...just never registered in my head!  I did it...body wise, but my brain was in the conversation on the phone and not in the actions my body was taking place in.

Regardless, while I was talking with my sister, who was in the middle of getting drenched by her son (she was giving him a bath while we chatted), I glanced out the window to realize that the dog was no longer on her tether.  SHE WAS GONE!

In a moment of sheer panic, I hung up the phone with my sister, ran outside and examined the empty chain.  Her choker collar was no where to be found and she was gone!  I started yelling for her, screaming her name, clapping my hands, offering her treats, etc. and though I did hear one distance bark, that was it.  She was NO WHERE!  I was freaking out!

I ran in the house, yelled to the kids to get their shoes on (so we can head out to start our search), then I heard it...the banging from her crate upstairs.  


She was safe and sound in her crate the whole time.  Not happy to be in there, but she was definitely not running the neighborhood, chasing the neighbors, following squirrels, etc.  

I was relieved and even more frustrated (with myself that is) all at once. could I have not remember that just a few minutes before, I had gone outside, with her leash, hooked her to it, brought her in, took her upstairs and put her in her crate with a treat?  REALLY?  

So yeah, after recovering from a major case of the "JELLO LEGS" and a minor heart attack...I had to giggle and call my sister back, who I left worried on the other end of the phone.  
She had a hearty laugh on my behalf too!  

Seriously...I'm Loosing It!


sm0s said...

Haha omg! Your dog musta been all.. "MOMMY!! I'm STILL HERE!" Haha. glad she's safe (: