Thursday, June 28, 2012

A Cheap, Yet Heartwarming Project...You And Your Kids Can Do Together!

Are you headed to the beach at any point this summer?  If might consider doing something that my kids and I decided to do, to use up the special shells we found on our walks on the beach.

Remember how the kids and I went "SHELL HUNTING" last week?  If you know me well, you know that I had to find some way to keep those shells...FOREVER!
So, we went to the DOLLAR TREE and found cute but simple $1.00 frames!
I bought a cheap glue gun and some glue sticks...and I let them get to work!  I always delight in watching my kids create things...especially things they will cherish!
Here's our finished project!  Some of our proud "FINDS" displayed beautifully and securely on a frame. get some pictures printed to put in the frames, so we can show them off in our NEW HOUSE!

This project cost under $10 for all four kids, offered us (at least) an hour of crafting entertainment, and helped us treasure the time we've gotten to spend in Carlsbad...before we move into our house in California. 

The kids will never forget when they made these frames!  
That makes my heart happy!