Saturday, June 9, 2012

A Few Things I "WON'T" Miss About Living In Connecticut!

So, I shared with you a few things I will miss, about living in Connecticut!'s time to share those things that I definitely will NOT miss about living in Connecticut!!  

Of course, the obvious...THE WEATHER!  Since the sun only shines about 1 month of the year (accumulative), it has been one of the hardest things on me!  
When it snows before Halloween and Halloween is actually CANCELLED (yes, cancelled)...there is just something wrong with that!
I WILL NOT miss seeing a truck pull up to our house to fill IT UP, which means our CREDIT CARD is about to take a HUGE HIT!  Fuel Oil heated water and house is insanely expensive!
(so this is not actually what our well looks like...but you get the idea)
WELL WATER!!  I hate it!  Seriously...give me city water any day!  The orange color, the smell, the way our well (in particular) ran out of water after 1 1/2 loads of laundry (which meant we couldn't flush the toilets and had no water to drink for 2 hours while it filled back up).  Being able to wash whites and they stay white, will be a delight!  I will not miss well water...AT ALL!

There you go...a few things I will NOT MISS!  Thanks for letting me share!