Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Future LIFEGUARDS? Meet Our Little Rescuers...

Our kids are hilarious!  Yesterday...while they were swimming with their Dad in the pool, they spotted a cricket in the very deepest part, in the bottom of the 5 ft section of the pool.  Both of my older's were explaining to me how they were very close to touching it, but couldn't bring themselves to it.
So this afternoon, when I took them swimming...these little RESCUERS had a mission at heart.  
Yes...you read that right...the poor little creature had obviously been dead for over 24 hours, but their little hearts couldn't bear the thought of it laying in the bottom of the pool any longer!  So they saved it!  
So to speak...

Who knows...maybe we have some future lifeguards on our hands...but regardless, we have soft-hearted kids that were worried about one of GOD's creations!  It makes my heart melt and always provides constant entertainment benefits too!  That cricket will obviously never realize the bravery they put forth (it took them a lot of courage to finally pick it up and bring it to the surface)...but their mommy does, and so does GOD!  I swear...we have four of the most AMAZING KIDS!


Kayla @ TheEclecticElement said...

Aw! Now that story made MY heart melt :)

What very thoughtful kids you have. Alive or dead, I'm sure that cricket appreciated their efforts!

@somerskys said...

Beeutiful! love the tender hearts of ur kids! I was exactly like that as a child and ever more like that as a grown women!!!! U WILL KNOW THEM BY THE LOVE! THEY HAVE ONE FOR ANOTHER! thats what OUR FATHER GOD SAID! sounds like ur children and MORE THAN LIKELY LIKE U AND UR HUBBY!!