Saturday, June 23, 2012

I'll Admit It...I'm A BIG WIMP!

This morning, I told our oldest son & daughter that we could go use their boogie boards (just the three of us).  Since daddy was home to hang out with the two youngers...we were excited to hit the waves!
But man...I surely forgot (or didn't want to accept the fact) that the water here, in this ocean is COLD!  Brrr...MOMMY needs to do a review of a wetsuit!  Hee Hee!
I got in, caught a couple waves and then, spent the rest of the time doing this (my husband and the two youngers walked down to the beach to make sure we were ok from afar, and he snapped this picture of my daughter and I sitting out in the sun).  Our oldest daughter doesn't tolerate COLD WATER well at all, and the last thing I want is for her to catch we enjoyed the warm sun and sand, while we watched BIG BROTHER do his thing!  
He was so happy and in his element!  That makes my heart happy!
Our oldest son not only managed to catch some awesome waves...but he also met a couple new buddies (we loaned them our two boards), who caught some waves with him!

What a great morning!  

This sounds like we'll tackle the Del Mar Fair!!  WOOHOO!