Saturday, June 9, 2012

Melvita - "Nature At Heart" For Your SKIN!

Taking care of our skin, especially as VERY important!  One, that I didn't take seriously as soon as I should have, since the wrinkles are already coming!
I received some samples of Melvita, that I was excited to try...until I learned they are actually made out of pure rose extracts, which gives me allergic reactions on my face.  In high school, I developed RED patches on both my cheeks from carrying around a rose with me all day long, and where the petals touched...they caused major reaction.  So unfortunately, I could not personally give a review!

So, instead...I roped my sweet & willing neighbor into trying these wonderful ORGANIC skin products!  Here is her opinion of the two products we received:

This morning I cleansed my skin with Melvita Fresh micellar water. Upon application, my face immediately began to slightly sting. I did not rinse it off, but chose to leave it on until my skin got used to it, after about a minute.  I loved the fragrance, but did not like how it left a tacky residue on my face, when it dried.  
I waited a few minutes, the proceeded to use the Hydrating Facial Gel, as a moisturizer.  Again, I loved the fragrance. I was surprised that I actually like this product because normally I choose a "thicker" texture in my creams.  This texture was more "watery", but it didn't sway my opinion because it was easy to smooth across my face, and left a pleasant and lasting fragrance.

I would recommend these products to people who know they don't have SUPER sensitive skin!

Thanks to my neighbor for helping me with this review/feature!  
Thanks to Melvita for sending us some products to try out!  

CLICK HERE to check out their full product line...they have much more than the products we are featuring!

I was not paid to feature this post!  I was compensated only by the products sent for review/feature!