Friday, June 15, 2012

The Packers Are Coming! The Packers Are Coming!

Today's the day...when our house full of things, all our memories, the kids toys, etc. get packed and loaded into a moving truck...that will be headed WEST BOUND CALIFORNIA!
Woot Woot!

I am so grateful that my husband's new job offered us relocation benefits, that have allowed us the ability to hire a moving company, so I didn't have to pack and box up all of our stuff and we didn't have to personally load it & drive it to our new life in California.  

Thankfully, our three older kids will be at school...for most of the PACKING day!  So hopefully it will be quick, painless and simple for those who will be doing the majority of the work!

What a BLESSING!!  I couldn't be more thankful!  

This is it...tomorrow we head out!  


Maureen said...

Good Luck & have a safe trip.

Anonymous said...

California is the place u oughta b! so they loaded up their WHAT? I DONT NO? so i'll say "benz van" and they moved BACK to wonderful calli!! welcome Back u guys!!!!!flipflops here u come