Saturday, June 30, 2012

REUNITED And It Feels So Good...

Not sure if any of you were wondering or not...but our dog has been living in TEMPORARY HOUSING too, since we've been in California.  She's been staying with a Labradoodle and her owners (so now she has an official dog buddy)...until we close on our house.
TODAY...we get to bring her home and not only introduce her to her new home (she gets to protect), but also to her FREEDOM with a fenced in backyard!  I am so, very, very excited for her!  The poor thing has always been leashed or tethered somewhere and now...she will finally be able to ROAM AROUND and explore!  Plus...I have a feeling we might have a swimmer on our hands!

NOW...our family is finally COMPLETE and all together again in California!  


Anonymous said...

i am excited for ur cute doggy also!, the look on her/his face is priceless, its like, i love u mommy had fun with my friend but please dont leave me again PUL-LEZZZ love it, hava a wonderful california day!!!!!!!!

My SoCal Life said...

congrats on moving back to CA, I'm in S. CA (ventura county) originally from the bay area!
we'd be so sad w/o our doggies even temporarily! Glad she's home1