Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Shell Hunting We Will Go...

The kids were not CERTAIN they wanted to go to the beach today!  SERIOUSLY?  We will never live "THIS CLOSE" to the beach and mommy wants to take as much advantage of it as we can.  
So...I came up with an idea to make it fun for everyone!

WE WENT "SHELL HUNTING"!  The mission?  The person who found the most "UNBROKEN" shells would receive a prize!  The four dollars I had in my wallet!  ;)  The only stipulation was, if they got WET, they were disqualified (doing laundry is already adding up quickly)!  That immediately got them stoked and you could see determination all over their faces!  
They had a mission and a plastic bag in their hands!  
And as soon as their feet hit the beach...they were hunting!  It is such a beautiful day too!  What a blessing!
Mommy got a few moments to soak up the sun, because she wasn't worried about the kids drowning...at least, until the first child (the oldest) got wet.  Then it was all over!  The kids couldn't help themselves...and I can't blame them, we are at THE BEACH!
Then the hunting was over...and they played water tag...
And chased the seagulls & found seaweed...OH, the life of my kids right now!  It's rough!  NOT!  Talk about being spoiled with GOD's beautiful gifts!  The Sea, The Sand, The Ocean, and all of it's BEAUTY!
Our winner...was our oldest daughter...who managed to find 35 shells that were not chipped or broken.  They were all little, but still beautiful and priceless to her!  Of course, the money was exciting too.  She decided to split it with the oldest...because she felt bad he got disqualified so early in the HUNT!  Too funny!  

Anyway...just had to share!  AS you can tell, we are thoroughly enjoying our time here already!