Thursday, June 21, 2012

Today...The Beach Reigned SUPREME!!

After yesterday's purchases (of boogie boards), I am surprised we were able to get the kids to sleep last night!  Our oldest son was SUPER DUPER excited to head out to the beach this morning for some wave riding & cold water fun!
So that's exactly what we did!
He headed for the waves...
She played in the sand...
She LITERALLY danced all over the beach...*twirl* *spin*
And he (who chose to wear his flotation outfit meant for the pool) buried himself in the sand.  
You should have seen his head when we left the beach (he was covered in sand)!  
Even Mommy got to enjoy a few wave splashes, watching her kids giggle & smile, watching her oldest son catch some waves like a pro (okay...he felt like a pro, even though he may have not really looked like one) and reap the benefits of having an early morning beach trip!  

WE LITERALLY had the beach all to ourselves...and it didn't put the kids innocent skin at risk of the harmful afternoon rays!

Yesterday the pool...but today...the BEACH REIGNED SUPREME! can't beat FREE summertime entertainment!  LOVE IT!