Monday, June 18, 2012

When You Take Four Kids To The BEACH...

This morning, because we (the kids & I) are strictly "APARTMENT" bound until our cars arrive...
I got the kids ready with their bags (towels, snack, water bottles) and sprayed them up with sunscreen...and we walked out the door to the beach.  
The apartments that we are staying in are only two blocks from the beach in Carlsbad! amazing is that?
We played in the sand!
We found shells!
They got soaked...TOTALLY SOAKED!  
All but the little guy...who wasn't sure he liked the waves!
We had a snack, rinsed off and then we headed back...all before 11:00 am.  I think we are still on Connecticut time!  

Can you tell we are all super excited about finally, after this long wait...are in CALIFORNIA?
It honestly feels like a vacation right now, but in a couple weeks...when we close on our will finally feel like home and we can settle in!  Until then, we are going to enjoy our break and soak up all the BEACH we can...since it's so wonderfully close!


Maureen said...

Looks like you are all having an awesome time. Glad to hear it and good to see you all in the photos.

Anonymous said...

so happy to see u all landed safe and sound in beautiful calli! ya know, i loved ur vid and song of STRONG ENOUNGH! glad i know OUR FATHER:')