Tuesday, July 31, 2012

"Back To School" - Have A "LICE FREE" School Year!

Head lice!  Just the mention of those two little words together honestly makes me cringe, makes my head itch and makes me relive a school year, a few years back...when we were invaded with these awful little pests!  


I had nightmares!  They were horrible to get rid of and then I was totally paranoid (still am) that we would get them again!

So what's a mommy to do...so she can sleep at night and not make her kids to nervous about possibly "hosting" one of these nasty bugs during the school year?  She is PROACTIVE!  She keeps products in the house to fight and DEFEND AGAINST...so it doesn't become a huge, ongoing issue throughout the school year!

Products like this one:

I am delighted to have this product to use to start out the school year this year!  And trust me...I'll be buying more, just for my personal peace of mind that we are DEFENDED against a head lice attack that might break out in the schools!  

I NEVER want to go through, what we went through, EVER AGAIN!  Trust me...neither do you!  So stock up and be proactive!!  You'll thank me in the end!

CLICK HERE to learn about their entire product line!

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