Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Brain Development and Digestive Help - Two Products For The Family!

Having a healthy family is extremely important to me!  So when things like tummy aches (from severe gas pains) and short term memory issues (with our oldest) becomes a problem...it's a big deal to me, to find products that will not only help, but benefit our entire family!

We received a package from:
Since we have some issues in our home with severe gas pains (in both children and adults)...this is a product that not only be used often, but I feel comfortable using with my kids too!  The chewable form is berry flavored and easy to take!  The adult formula also supports your immune system!
We also have a son who suffers from short term memory issues...so receiving the BrainStrong products (and learning about them) was a huge blessing!  These chewable gummies (he wasn't to thrilled with the flavor, but didn't have a problem taking them)...will offer him support his brain development and function.* Just one BrainStrong Kids gummy contains 100 mg of life'sDHA™, the same safe, natural, premium DHA brand found in 99% of all infant formula sold in the U.S. BrainStrong Kids contains more DHA than any other over-the-counter kids supplement or vitamin.

I would highly recommend these products for families who want their kids to not only have continued "brain development and functional support", but also any family that has tummy issues in their home.  
These products are working great for our family...so far!

CLICK HERE to learn more about Culturelle...and their entire product line!

CLICK HERE to learn more about BrainStrong products!

I was not paid to feature this post/review/feature!  I was compensated only by the products sent for review/feature!


@somerskys said...

hi thanks for the headsup on the BLESSED sign at hobby lobby did not see that one but ordered the WE ARE SO BLESSED one this one is cute 2! so thanks, no tummy issues or brain issues now thanks GOD! would have used this if i knew about it 17 years ago when i had to relern everything didnt know about this so i use the scriptures I CAN DO ALL THINGS THROUGH CHRIST WHO STRENTHENS ME!! my husband head me repeat this prayer with him b4 work every day that was all i could say SO WOW NOW I CAN SAY SUPERCALAFRAGALISTICEXPEALIDOCOUS i had a supersmart brain b4 they took out part of my brain and now because of JESUS BY HIS STRIPES i am healed MY BRAIN is staarting to be mepsa smart again. I TAUGHT CHEMISTRY CALCULUS PHYSICS TO HIGH SCHOOL STUDENTS BEFORE so NOW WITH GODS HELP I WILL B ABLE TO DO THIS AGAIN. I BELIEVE WITH THE ADDITIONAL KNOWLEDGE OF WHAT IT IS LIKE TO START FROM NO KNOWLEDGE!! i am a better listener an