Thursday, July 19, 2012

Goodbye Grandma...I'll Miss You!

At 9:50pm tonight, my Grandma Lux (my mom's mom) took her final breath and her heart stopped beating.  She left this life for her eternity...

She had quite the roller coaster of a week, leading up to her final day...with several hospitalizations, colon mass with major hemorrhage, heart attack, pneumnia, 99% blocked artery, heart cath procedure and finally CODING...which lead to her last moments.

She was quite a SPIRITED lady...and will be terribly missed by the whole family.  Especially by her two children who still lived at home with Aunt Eileen and Uncle Dan (both mentally handicapped).  She had a love for nice jewelry (she loved rings) and her dog (a basset hound with a major attitude).  She loved antiques, her kids & grandkids & great grandkids and HER CHURCH!

I can't sleep tonight though...I am distraught over it all.  I didn't get to say goodbye to her...which absolutely breaks my heart!  I didn't get to introduce her to my youngest son, another heart breaker!  I didn't get to pray with her and find out where she stood spiritually.  Loosing her tonight is hard on me.  I just pray that when I take my final breath, she is there to greet me as I arrive at the Pearly Gates!

So, tomorrow, after my husband gets home from work...I will be heading out to drive to AZ, to spend a few days with my family.  Reminiscing, fellowshipping and celebrating her life.  I pray that it's a blessed time for each of us.  That we all leave there at peace...

Please pray for traveling mercies for me as I drive...and for my husband, who so graciously will be holding down "THE FORT" while I am gone.

Thanks guys!