Monday, July 16, 2012

I HATE My Favorite Shoes...

Yes, you read that right...

This morning, I decided to bust out (of the bin they were packed in), my favorite 4 inch stiletto heels (the ones I wore on the Nate Berkus Show) to wear to church!  It's been a few months since I wore heels...and especially the last month (in California), I've worn nothing but my handy dandy flip flops (LOVE THEM)!

So I put them on, looked in the mirror with a smile & nod and headed out of our bedroom feeling tall & in charge.  That is...until I almost fell down the stairs.  Wow, it's amazing that I have to re-learn how to walk in heels after only a couple months of not wearing them!  What the heck is wrong with me?

We head off to church and I realize that I can't walk nearly as fast as I am used to, they are rubbing in really hurtful places and I've almost "EATEN THE GROUND" a few times...just getting from the church parking lot into the sanctuary.  GREAT!!  

After church, we run a few errands and I have to leave the final store, because the blisters on my feet are killing me so bad, I want to scream out in agony!  Actually, I wanted to take them off and carry them...but the ground was so HOT, it wasn't worth burning the bottoms of my feet over!

Seriously?  My favorite shoes!  The shoes I feel the most FIERCEST wearing, now give me severe foot pain!  After telling my husband, he proceeds to share with me just how great I looked in them this morning and encourages me (without saying so) to try again.  He has always loved me in heels!

Will it be worth it?  I doubt it...but I know I will try again!  How could I retire these amazing shoes already?  They have so much life left in's simply not time!  SO DESPITE THE PAIN my feet are currently in, the blisters that are taunting me at this specific moment and the fact that I'm not nearly as graceful in them as I was several months back...we will try again, maybe next Sunday!  

They will just have to be the shoes "I LOVE to hate"!