Wednesday, July 18, 2012

I'm So Thankful For SKYPE...

I've said it before, and I'll say it again...SKYPE makes the world feel a whole lot smaller, and for that...I am truly thankful!

This cross country move has been hard on all of us, but especially the kids...who left their entire "SOCIAL" life in Connecticut.  Our (last year) Kindergartner seems to have had a really hard time being away from her "BFF" Brookie too!  She talks about her a lot, writes her lots of letters, draws pictures about her and Brookie, and tonight...she got the chance to SKYPE with her.

I have a feeling this will be a more frequent thing, now that we've done it once!  Both girls seemed to have thoroughly enjoyed their time chatting, showing her new room & our backyard, singing to each other, goofing around and just seeing each other's faces again.  I could was good medicine to her soul to see her friend again!  Even if it was just "ONLINE"!

As much as I hope that they come visit...I know that this will help heal those sad feelings of missing her friends so much!  

Do you SKYPE your friends and family?  
Isn't it a GOD SEND?  
I LOVE SKYPE!  Now my kids do too!


@somerskys said...

LOVE LOVE u blog!! I havent skyped but my neices do cause their dad who is an engineer got a woderful job in AFRICA for months and then he is home in CALIFORNIA for months so it all works out for them THEY LOVE SEEING AND TALKING TO THEIR DAD EVERY NIGHT ON SKYPE HE VIRTURALLY TUCKS THEM IN SO I GUESS ITS COOL! Tell ur lil one i understand how she feels and GOD will provide her a very good BFF HERE IN CALIFRONIA, THAT IS WHAT I AM PRAYING FOR HER RIGHT NOW AS A MATTER OF FACT!:') OUR FATHER GOD ALWAYS DOES WHAT HE SAYS HE WILL DO, IF WE PRAY AND ASK HIM FOR IT,