Thursday, July 19, 2012

JADE is "GLOWING" Literally...Over Her New "Dog-e-Glow" Collar & Leash!

If you have a have probably had a moment or two, at night time...when you wonder if your dog has run off on you.  Those moments, to me...make my heart race and I feel a slight panic creep over me.  Thankfully now, we have a fenced in yard, but in Connecticut especially, if she got off her tether...we would have never seen her again.

So I am thankful for companies that not only keep pet safety in mind...but also think of the owner's mental health & well being too.
Funny thing...a company called:
invented an LED light powered collar (batteries to be replaced every 150 hours...and each pack comes with two extra batteries)
...that actually lights up to make you "EVER AWARE" of where your dog is...all the time!  I LOVE THIS!  
Not only did they think of the pet, but the also created a matching leash that has the LED lights as you can safely walk your dog at night...knowing drivers will see you coming down the sidewalk.
I loved the pink plaid one for Jade...but they also have COLLEGE COLLECTION for you hard core sports fans.  Now your dog can cheer on your team and be glowing "ALL ABOUT IT" too!  
Jade feels "GLOWING" in her new collar and I love that I can always see her, no matter where she goes in the yard!  Thank you "Dog-e-Glow" for inventing such a great collar & leash for dog owners.  I LOVE OURS!  
One Bored Mommy gives her satisfied approval!

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