Monday, July 30, 2012

Just To Be REAL...It Really Was "ONE OF THOSE DAYS!"

Maybe it's because it's Monday?
Maybe it's because it's almost a full moon?
Maybe it's just because life sometimes happens like this...

But today was just ONE OF THOSE DAYS!!

See, we were very anxiously awaiting our new puppy to be delivered today.  I vacuumed through the house, got the extra dog crate ready & a blanket inside, got the toys set out, his food & water bowl ready and anticipated our "PUPPY INSPECTION" hopes that they would leave the puppy with us.

Sure enough...she calls as I am trying to get the little guy down for his nap.  She asks if she can bring "Muttley" (what they called him) over now.  Of course, how could I say no?  The kids would be so excited!  So much so, that the little guy decides he can't nap today!  GREAT!!  ;)
Already off to a fantastic start!

She comes to deliver our new family member and then proceeds to drag her feet about leaving (I think he was one of her favorites from the rescued litter) and finally says her final nose licking goodbye to our new "TROOPER HUTSON".
He's adorable, right?

I decide that the best bet will be to put the puppy outside (until it goes I have a starting off point for potty training) and put our older dog JADE in the house until he does.  It seemed to be working out great...until I realize that because Jade was jumping at the slider, she had knocked the lock down...LOCKING US (all four kids, me and the new puppy) out of the house.  If I didn't keep the house sealed up "TIGHTER THAN A JAIL", we probably would have been able to find another way in...but unfortunately, we had no phone, no keys and no way of getting back inside...until my husband could get home from work.

We headed next door to the neighbors house (who I had yet to meet the actual adults of the household), to ask if we could use the phone.  Great...they must think I'm QUITE the "MOTHER OF THE YEAR", with our first impression, right?  Meanwhile, the kids think it's great and play with the puppy and their kids as we wait for my husband to arrive home to let us back in.

Meanwhile, our oldest son (for some strange and unknown reason), decides to open the one door of our "Ol' Bessie" mini van that is broke (and therefore does not lock)...and proceeds to set off the ALARM. I thought...oh great...but it should stop in a few minutes, right?  NOPE!!  It just kept going...and after ten minutes, I finally got the guts up to ask if the husband next door could disconnect a battery cable for we could stop the horrible alarm and the now ringing in our ears.

Finally, my husband gets home and we are able to get into the house, I take the kids & the neighbor kids swimming...while the puppy takes his first nap in our home...and the rest of the afternoon & evening was much calmer.  

BUT PHEW...what a day!  A napless, new puppy, locked out of the house, car alarming sort of day!  Glad to be heading to bed shortly to start ANEW tomorrow morning!


lacostagirl said...

Awesome!! Your puppy already introduced you to the neighbors in the best possible way - as real people. Welcome to San Diego!

@somerskys said...

WOW! is all i can say lacotagirl is so right! thru all that bad stuff, good stuff happened, u met ur neighbors, some of them, got a new puppy and now u live in WONDERFUL CALIFORNIA! I HOPE FOR GOOD, CAUSE U ALL SEEM LIKE WONDERFUL PEOPLE:")