Saturday, July 7, 2012

Oh My Aching Back...

Everyday, I swear, my body is trying to tell me that I'm not as young as I used to be!  I refuse to admit it, don't want to accept it and can't fathom it...but I guess it's the TRUTH!  Mama is getting old!

Since we moved into this house with just the apartment furniture (our stuff has not arrived yet from Connecticut)...the two kids who inherited the beds from the apartment have been sleeping comfortably and soundly in their bedrooms!  It's been amazing to me that the kids have transitioned as well as they have about having their own rooms.  SO THANKFUL!!

But that leaves mama & daddy searching for a place to lay their weary bodies at the end of the day.  I've been sleeping on the floor in our Master bedroom with our dog (who is truly in heaven about this simple fact).  She snuggles right up to me on the floor and falls deeply asleep!  I have a pillow, a comforter and a dog.  I'm going to tell the morning, when I wake up, I can barely sit up!  MY BACK IS KILLING ME!  What the heck?  My three year old doesn't have this problem sleeping on his floor!  We have nice, plush carpeting and I am just shocked and clueless that I am so stoved up every morning.

Guess the fact is that age is inevitable!  No matter how hard I try to avoid GETTING OLDER...this body, that will soon perish, isn't going to cooperate with me. However, that doesn't mean my spirit has to age a day!

Just praying our stuff gets here from CONNECTICUT soon...or I won't be able to move around enough to get the house settled...ha ha!


Maureen said...

I feel your pain. Especially, tonight!