Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Our "Loft/Game Room" Walls Will "SPEAK" To You!

So, as I am settling into our new house...and anxiously awaiting the arrival of our stuff from Connecticut, I have been getting inspired to decorate each room!  

Since the LOFT/Game Room will basically be the room the kids will LIVE IN, watch TV in and hang out with their friends...I wanted the details of that room to be inspiring in the VERY BEST WAY possible!

So...MAMA got to work!  After quick visit to Hobby Lobby for supplies, I got the first one up on the wall:
Then, my oldest son shared with him his "favorite" verse:
(he's such a good boy)

Then my oldest daughter shared her's:
(love it)

Then my youngest daughter, who loves that the LORD is described as a "ROCK" wanted this one:
(another great verse)

And finally...the little guy, well...MAMA helped him pick his:
(but he was proud about it anyway)!
With a few more details, this room will not only be super cute, but also SPIRITUALLY inspiring!  My hope is that the kids memorize these verses...because they are on the walls they will be looking at on a daily basis and will cherish them in their memory and hearts.  Who knows...maybe this wall will help my kids lead a few people to the LORD, or at least open up a discussion about who HE is and why we LOVE HIM as much as we do!

Regardless...I am excited about how it turned out and pray that GOD uses it for HIS glory!


@somerskys said...

I really really love this idea! and believe ME it is SO TRUE! that when u get into IMPOSSIBLE SITUATIONS these scripture that are seen by ur children will come up INSIDE of them and SHOUT! NO! I CAN DO ALLL THHINGS THROUGH CHRIST WHO STRENTHENS ME even when EXPERTS SAY ITS IMPOSSIBLE AND CANT BE DONE!! U GO GIRL! I AM PROUD OF U AND PROUD OF UR KIDS CAUSE THEY ARE ARMED FOR EVERYTHING this world can TRY to th79A nanishmrow at them!