Saturday, July 28, 2012

She Got In The Saddle Today...

Our youngest daughter has a passion for horses!  Always has, always will...I think!  Pretty sure that it's helped to have a Grandma and Aunt who have a love of horses (and own their own) too.  That's something that we've all looked forward to, about our visits to Grandma's house.
So today, she got her first RIDING LESSON!  
(Learning to lead the horse all by herself!)
I honestly have a feeling this will be one of many!  From the sound of it...once people get the itch for's a life long LOVE!!
(In the saddle...what a big girl!  So proud of her!)
So proud of her!  She had a few jitters this morning before leaving...and she wanted only her DADDY to take her (it's rare when we get one on one time with the kids) I am anxious for her to get home, so I can hug her and hear all about it.  Thankful her daddy snapped a few pictures, so I could be excited...from home...for her!

GO GIRL!!  Giddy Up horse!  
She's our little COWGIRL!