Saturday, July 28, 2012

Someone New Is Joining Our Family...

And we are so excited about it!
(this is Rico)
Four years ago, when we left move to Connecticut, we had to give away our son's birthday present "RICO".  I promised to find him a good home (mission accomplished...he's super spoiled and well loved by his new family) and that when we had a fenced in backyard and owned our own house again...we would get him another puppy he could call HIS OWN.
Today we went to meet an adorable bundle of energy and sweetness!
Our son wants to name him ROGER...though I am earnestly trying to suggest other names.  
However, that's probably what his name will be.
He's a German Shepherd mix and we are adopting him through a place that saves puppies from shelters that put dogs down.    
Who could put such a sweet puppy down??
I was super duper pleased with how well our dog Jade took to him.  They were nose to nose and she didn't bark at him once.  That's a rarity with her.  SERIOUSLY!  She's really vocal!  Pretty sure that means she sort of liked him too!  She better...he's going to be her little brother!  They are going to be the best of friends!  I can tell already!

So happy to be providing him with a happy, loving & safe home!

So be on the lookout for more SUPER CUTE puppy posts coming...

He will be joining our family early next week and we can't wait to call him our own!