Friday, July 27, 2012

Vitamins For The Whole Family...THE EASY & TASTY WAY!

Being a healthy family is important to us!  I hope & believe it should be a priority for most American families as well!  Making sure that our kids are getting the vitamins & minerals their growing bodies need to stay healthy is "TOP" on our list of high importance!  

But some kids & even parents don't like taking vitamins!
However, not many kids I know...will turn down a sweet adorable gummy bear.  If they do, they are quite the exception!
The kids were super excited when this gift basket arrived...since we were needing to replenish their vitamin supply!  
Mama was just about to head to Target to stock up!
I have always been a fan of GUMMY vitamins.  These adorably shaped "Lil Critters" vitamins not only make my kids smile, but satisfy their sweet tooth and provide their growing bodies with "ALL THE GOODS" too!  AWESOME!  I never have to fight my kids to take these.  They taste delicious...
And yes...they (Vitafusion) have amazing adult gummies too!  I am in LOVE with their Calcium for adults.  I love the texture (they are meaty) and the taste (like a creamsicle).  THEY are delicious and also providing my body with plenty of extra calcium that I'm probably not getting in my diet.  
Especially since I don't like drinking milk.

My only warning about these to make sure you brush your kids teeth and your teeth own too, after taking them...because the reason they taste so good, also can cause QUITE the cavities in your mouth.  Our dentist warned that if we decide to give GUMMY just make sure to brush well after they take them!

We are huge fans of the entire Lil Critters and Vitafusion LINE!  

If our family loves them...yours will probably love them too!

I was not paid to feature this post!  I was compensated only by the products sent for review/feature!