Monday, July 16, 2012

Want To Grow Your Hair "FAST"? I AM PROOF IT WORKS!

I came across a product online that had me not only awfully curious, but quite skeptical too, as to whether or not it would work.  Why?  It claimed to basically DOUBLE the speed of your hair growth!  Up until now, I have yet to find an actual product that would REALLY do that!

So I contacted the company and the sent me their SHAMPOO/CONDITIONER combo to try out & review (to share with you guys).  
The thing that really caught my eye on their site:  
A money back guarantee...which to me, showed they really, truly believed in their product!

So, my "FAST" products arrived right before we left Connecticut for California.  I made sure to pack them in my suit case, snapped a picture of my "then" current hair we could see the progress...and the process started!
I've been using the product for 1 month...and TO BE COMPLETELY honest...I AM THRILLED with the results so far.  So thrilled...I plan to buy even more "FAST" shampoo/conditioner (because I'm almost out of what they sent me).  
I really saw substantial HAIR GROWTH...for real!  
No camera tricks, no photoshop, nothing hair grew over an inch, if not just a month.  
That, to me...IS HUGE!

I would recommend this product to anyone and everyone who is wanting their hair to grow quicker than it naturally does.  I think I saw, one time, that your hair grows typically a half an inch a month.  This product is prefect if you went to get a trim and got MORE than you bargained for, from your stylist...and you're dying to grow it out QUICKLY!

CLICK HERE to see video testimonials about this product...any you can take my word too, it really does work!  I'll be buying more...will you be trying it too?

I was not paid to feature this post!  I was compensated only by the product sent for review/feature!


Tammi Douglas said...

Did this product make the hair any thicker? I have twins daughters that are 14. They started using this product last week. They have super thin and fine hair that breaks off easily. Hoping it will help thicken their hair up plug help it grow.