Wednesday, July 18, 2012

We've Got Fleas...

Well, not all of us, but the dog seems to be currently "UNDER ATTACK" of these tiny, annoying little pests!  It's funny, because in CT, we had to watch for ticks and here...we have to watch for fleas.

But being a family dog, I want to make sure that whatever we use on her is not harmful to any of anyway either...

So I found this PINTEREST PIN very helpful:

Perhaps this will help you ward off these annoying pests at your home too!

Keep your pet safe & happy, and your family too!

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Brutus Duffy said...

Use Advantix, Advantage or Vectra. Please do NOT use Hartz or cheapo brands of flea control. Thanks.

Brutus the Boxer

Brutus Duffy said...

oh, and don't don't forget that fleas cause tapeworms. :(