Thursday, July 26, 2012

What The HECK Is A "Haboob"?

I learned a new word while I was in AZ for my Grandma's funeral:

A haboob (Arabicهَبوب‎ "strong wind") is a type of intense duststorm carried on an atmospheric gravity current. Haboobs occur regularly in arid regions throughout the world.

Can I just say...WOW!  Witnessing this Haboob blow into town and witnessing the intensity was INSANE!  I have honestly never seen anything like it before...EVER!  
It was actually, almost frightening (end times-ish)!
As we were driving, it almost appeared as a cloud of I asked my cousin (who was driving) what that was.  She said, "'s a Haboob!"
But then it got closer and closer...and BIGGER & BIGGER!
Finally, it blew through my cousin's neighborhood!  
Yes...that's my cousin, outside, smoking a cigarette during the Haboob.  
Not real smart, right?  
Of course, I was honestly just as foolish to run out and snap a picture of her...
I had dust in my teeth, my hair, my eyes (I had to throw my contacts out after this Haboob), etc.  

Have you ever heard of a Haboob?  Have you ever witnessed one blowing through?  Your thoughts??


@somerskys said...

Nope! glad to say i have never seen a HABOOB! i have always been in california near the ocean so nope never seen one but looking at ur pictures THEY LOOK SCAREY u are right endtimeech! Glad u guys r back from Arizona, i think its too hot there, anyways:')